Our Alma Mater adheres to the initiative of the Magna Charta Observatory involving teachers, students and technical administrative staff to reflect on the fundamental values of the University and to discuss their implementation and possible changes in a global perspective.

What are the fundamental values of our University? How are they put into practice every day? What are the strengths and weaknesses in their implementation? Are any changes necessary?

The discussion on the fundamental values of our University continues from the year 2016 when the University of Bologna presented the project "University Citizenship and Gender Equality" in videoconference during the XVIII Anniversary of the Magna Charta in Sao Paulo. The debate continued the following year with an event dedicated to Global Citizenship Education at the G7 GCE in Taormina, Sicily.

This year, April 2018, the discussion has been shared with all the Department Directors of our University and the entire academic community. On May 9, 2018 about 80 delegates from 23 Unibo departments belonging to various categories (students, administrative staff, researchers, professors, doctoral students and grant holders) met in Bologna for an important moment of discussion on the specific values of the University and the universal ones.

After a mixed-group discussion based on a series of specific cases and reflection exercises, the day continued with the evaluation of some Unibo core values on four macro-areas: Individuals, Education, Research, Third mission, Organization. The discussion was taken further and ended with the definition of a common line on ten main values, namely Critical Thinking, Integrity, Engagement, Cooperation, Responsibility, Collegiality and continuous improvement, Creativity and Dignity, Sustainability, Trust, Inclusion. The wide participation obtained is a sign of the adhesion and interest of Unibo to this initiative, which has already started in another ten universities at international level, for a review of the values that constitute the reference document for all universities.

The set of reflections and proposal of new values brought to guidelines and resources (Tool Box) for the benefit of the entire international academic community and in particular of the institutions that wish to start a reflection on their own identity values. The results and tools obtained in the framework of this project were presented on September 17, 2018 in Salamanca during the Celebrations of the 30th Anniversary of the Magna Charta and of the 800th Anniversary of the University of Salamanca. Watch the video!