IX SPeRA CONFERENCE – 7/8 MAY 2021 h. 14

Europe; Sub-Saharan Africa; News

The SPeRA Consortium – Solidarity, Projects, and Resources for Africa, has been active since 2010 in international cooperation, aiding Italian volunteering associations operating in Africa in their activities. 

The IX Conference will be held the 7th and 8th of May, with the participation of religious and non-profit organization, universities, Italian ambassadors currently in Africa, and Italian entrepreneurs working in the industry. The objective of the webinar is to start a dialogue between different associations that promote those values in Africa, therefore creating a mutual benefit from the exchange of information.

The University of Bologna will attend the conference on the 7th of May at 2:00 pm, with the participation of the Vice Rector for International Relations, Professor Alessandra Scagliarini. 

The project promoted by the University is the Italian Higher Education with Africa Foundation, that involves six Italian universities supporting young talented Africans in their studies, enhancing local higher education organizations. The aim is to educate a new generation of teachers and researchers, by creating a virtual mobility programme and supporting the students, who will obtain a degree certificate valid in the European Union.  

To attend the webinar, subscribe on the website: www.italiaeafrica./2021/iscriviti