AICS Webinar: Gender equality and women empowerment

In the frame of the AICS project "Partnership for Knowledge", students from 17 countries around the world will discuss about women rights in their county of origin.

8 March 2021 - h.17.00

In occasion of the International Women's Rights Day, the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation is organising the webinar "Gender Equality and Women Empowerment”: students from seventeen countries around the world will talk about women's rights in their respective countries of origin.

The protagonists will be 91 foreign students selected as part of the project "The Partnership for Knowledge" - PfK - an initiative of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS), in collaboration with a large consortium of 23 Italian universities.

Partnership for Knowledge - PfK - is a higher education initiative of the Italian Cooperation aimed at providing life-changing opportunities to researchers, public administration officers, social entrepreneurs and young leaders who are committed to develop their professional and academic skills, strengthen their capacities, widen their networks, make a difference in their home contexts and, last but not least, experience the Italian culture.

Student are from Afghanistan, Albania, Cuba, Egypt, El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Jordan, Israel, Kenya, Libanon, Mozambico, Myanmar, Pakistan, Palestina, Sudan, Tunisia  and they will tell about women's right in their countries.

Mohammed Alotaibi, second year TEaM student, will be one of them "to make the difference"

Everyone is invited to attend the webinar.

Link to join the meeting: