The other Renaissance. Ulisse Aldrovandi and the wonders of the world

Palazzo Poggi Museum
The exhibition is extended until 28 May 2023

There is an episode of the Italian Renaissance that is as important as it is unknown, perhaps overshadowed by the masterpieces of art and architecture that the whole world admires. It is the reawakening of natural sciences. The event was led by a small group of doctors, pharmacists and naturalists, including Ulisse Aldrovandi, who first studied animals and plants from life, rather than just in books, taking the first steps towards science as we know it today.
The exhibition entitled The Other Renaissance offers a unique opportunity to relive this extraordinary episode of European culture through scientific findings and works of art brought together for the very first time; through the extremely rich collection of objects belonging to Aldrovandi and held by the University of Bologna; through a narrative that takes each visitor by the hand and accompanies them on a journey of discovery about our transition from ancient to modern men.

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