Research Focus

We are a community of professors, researchers and experts who deals with design cultures and their continuous innovation. We operate in the University of Bologna through teaching activities, Research and in the Third mission.
The task of the Advanced Design Unit is to incentivize, increase and promote the synergies between design education and the productive and social context.
Since its foundation in 2014, the Advanced Design Unit has maximized the activation of multi-level relationships between companies, organizations, institutions and courses in Design.
The dissemination of design practices and specific tools allows businesses and local authorities to encounter advanced design research in order to anticipate future scenarios, new models and processes.

We are actively engaged on four fronts:

  • Citizen Sciences and practices for social innovation: we are interested in understanding and deepening how design cultures and practices can influence open innovation with reference to the effects on ways of living in cities and the territory.
  • Design and Communication for Systemic and Responsible Innovation: we are convinced that every human act, if observed in terms of sustainability, involves places other than the one in which it occurs and develops immediate, short-term and long-term temporal consequences.
  • Design Innovation in Collective Learning System: we are driven by the belief that the central and most strategic resource of organizations is knowledge. We are interested in designing innovative content on which to activate knowledge processes but also to rethink the processes, spaces and tools through which to transform knowledge into value. We are interested to design innovative features which enable processes of knowledge but also rethink processes, spaces and instruments through which to turn knowledge into value.
  • Human Body Design In Transformative Economy:  we have always practiced the desire to change the world through the intentional modification of our shape and our mental and physical abilities. This intentionality means design and we are interested in understanding the relationship between contemporary design cultures and organic matter.