Environmental Chemistry

Environmental chemistry is the branch of chemistry that studies the production, transport, reactions, effects, and fates of chemical species in water, air, terrestrial, and biological environments, as well as the effects of human activities on these environments.

Comprehending the functioning of the natural environment, the chemicals that are present there naturally, their quantities, and the effects they have is the first step in understanding environmental chemistry. Without it, it would be hard to thoroughly research how chemicals released by humans affect the environment. [Jyoti Bashyal, The Chemistry Notes, https://thechemistrynotes.com/[…]/].

Our group's main focus is the atmosphere in association with air quality and climate change issues.

ERC Sectors

PE4_5 Analytical chemistry
PE4_6 Chemical physics
PE4_14 Radiation and Nuclear chemistry
PE4_18 Environment chemistry
PE10_1 Atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric composition, air pollution

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