The project

Background, goals and future perspectives


Two-dimension-Nanomaterials (2D-Nms), among which graphene and graphene-based materials (GBMs), have emerged as the “miracle” materials of the 21st century, and are receiving worldwide attention due to their exceptional charge transport, thermal, optical, and mechanical properties. 2D-Nms are being studied in nearly every field of science and engineering, from electronics to energy storage to medicine.

Nevertheless, what do we know about the potential impact of these materials on human health and the environment? What do we know about their effects on plants and ecosystems once these degrade, break and are disposed of during their life cycle?

The 2D-NANO MAD PLANTS project stems from the lack of knowledge on the effects of 2D-Nms on the sexual reproduction of seed plants, using both in vitro and in vivo model systems with the aim to understand the properties that underlie the reproductive effects of these materials.  


Project goals


Research will assess the effects of widely used 2D-Nms (i.e. graphene oxide; potassium muscovite; hexagonal boron nitride; molybdenum disulphide) on well-known model plants of agro-economic interest for studies in plant reproduction biology. Aspects dealing with airborne 2D-Nms interception by flower pistils and pollen performance in the presence of 2D-Nms are among the focuses of the project. Furthermore, seed quality, in terms of stored nutrients, germinability and vigour, of plant derived from fertilization occurred in presence of 2D-Nms, as well as plant vigour and yield parameters will be deeply investigated.

In summary, the project aims at estimating the hazard potential for different 2D-Nms in relation to the plant sexual reproduction.  


What's done

The project is up-to-date and of great novelty, however, first studies on the effect of 2D-Nms on the sexual reproduction of seed plants have already been carried out by the research team of the University of Trieste.

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Project financed by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research under PRIN 2020 (Effects of 2D-nanomaterials on seed plants reproduction, 2D-NANO MAD PLANTS).

Project ID: 2020KRY7RB