• Corylus avellana L.

  • Zea mays L.

  • Nicotiana tabacum L.

  • Cannabis sativa L.

What are the effects of 2D-nanomaterials on the sexual reproduction of seed plants?

2D-nanomaterials are possible future environmental pollutants.
The project aims at understanding their potential effects on the sexual reproduction of seed plants, a key biological processes for both terrestrial ecosystems and crops economy.

How can 2D-Nms affect crop production?

Previous experiments demonstrate that 2D-Nms can affect crop production, quality and fruit set.
Guess which summer squash fruits derive from plants exposed with graphene oxide....

Photographs of 5-week-old fruits of Cucurbita pepo L., entire (left column) or dissected (right column), originated from stigmas coated with 0 (CTRL) (a,b) or 1 mg of graphene oxide (c,d) and purified graphene oxide (e,f).
Graphene oxide nanoparticles, seeds and dead tissues are indicated with arrows, arrowheads and asterisks, respectively. Bars = 2 cm.

How do these materials look like?

Graphene oxide flake visualized under a transmission electron microscope.

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