Welcome to our great community

Welcome from the Rector and the Vice-Rector for International Relations

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1 February 2021 h. 13.00 - 14.00 CET -  Studying@Unibo: International, Inclusive, Sustainable



Dear Students
The Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna is honoured to welcome you.

Our community was founded in 1088 by students coming from all over Europe, independent from any power, and with the aim of finding concrete answers to the real needs of society. Not only it was founded by students, but also, and more importantly, for students: this is our DNA. Besides our long history and the majestic look of some of our facilities, what amazes me is how an institution like ours was able to survive for such a long time. I believe that is because we have been innovating ourselves constantly: interpreting the present and anticipating the future.

The choice of your higher education path, that is your next step as far as university is concerned, represents a building block of your own future. For this reason, you need to choose wisely and seize the unique opportunity that this moment offers to your lives. Consider this an investment: in knowledge, in competence building and in the experience of a lifetime, which will lead you to culture, training opportunities, personal growth, new friendships and mentors.

The University of Bologna is truly invested in high-quality teaching and in offering you the best chances to improve your soft and social skills, which are key in determining your personal and professional success. Since we believe students are our greatest asset, our teaching staff are deeply committed to innovating their teaching methods to meet the students' training needs. In a few words, here at the University of Bologna students are at the center of each teaching and learning process.
At our institution we are very sensitive about equal opportunities and meritocracy. While attending these open days, you will bear witness to how the University of Bologna accepts the challenge of providing inclusive and high-quality higher education. Indeed, we confide that knowledge will lead the way towards a brighter, cleaner and more sustainable future and that young people will be the leaders of such change.

Let me conclude this letter, by reminding you that students, prospective or otherwise, are the principal variable universities need in their equation. So, please, when you come to our University, take with you your enthusiasm, your thirst for knowledge, studying and your curiosity about the world surrounding you. We need all those things in order to be the best university for you, to establish a mutual connection that will make us, together, the bearers of change.

We are glad to meet you and happy to welcome you to our great community.

Francesco Ubertini
Rector - Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna