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Video Jury


Movie authors and directors, Michele Mellara and Alessandro Rossi work together in a solid artistic association for about fifteen years. Experiencing, with a good dose of eclecticism, in the cinema, in the creative documentary, in the theater and in the creation of events, their original artistic path has been recognized by the public and critics both nationally and internationally. They both graduate at the DAMS of Bologna. Mellara graduated from the LIFS (London Film School). Founders associates of the D.E-R (association of documentaries of Emilia Romagna), members of the board of Doc it (national association of Italian documentarists). Together with Francesco Merini and Ilaria Malagutti, founding and active members of Mammut Film. They recently authored the internationally awarded movie "God Save the Green", where they explore the stories of people who are regaining a sense of community through gardening and, at the same time, they are changing their lives and the places they live in.

God Save the Green - Trailer

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