Design your digital experience! Join Una.Futura!

Challenge 2021

This summer, Una Europa offers students a unique experience, tackling real-life challenges in cross-European teams. Meet your counterparts from other disciplines and countries and add multicultural communication skills and open design expertise to your CV.

Set up as an open innovation design process, Una.Futura will take students on a journey, developing solutions to real-life challenges arising from the digital revolution.

The initiative builds on UNA.TEN (Transform Emergency Now! 10 days for change), Una Europa’s cross-European student hackathon held in April/ May 2020 which addressed COVID19 post emergency challenges.

From 5 to 9 July, Una.Futura will bring together groups of approximately five students at bachelor and/or master level from all Una Europa partner universities. Teamed up with facilitators and experts, they will work on jointly finding solutions to five key challenges.

Balancing benefits and risks of future digital experience

Over the last decades, people all over the world have experienced an unprecedented and extensive growth of digital dimensions in all aspects of everyday life, be it in education, at work, in social interaction, communication, health and many others. This has brought many benefits, but also revealed risks. At the core of Una Futura: How can we boost the benefits while mitigating the risks of our digital future in the following challenge areas:

  1. Digital empowerment
  2. Digital citizenship
  3. Digital economy
  4. Augmented human
  5. Cyber threats
  6. Mental well-being and social relations in the digital world?

What is the Una.Futura concept? How does it work?

Each Una.Futura challenge is assigned to one or more international teams. Each team will work separately on a challenge, with some meetings being organized with other teams working on the same challenge to share insights and research material. Teams from across the different challenges will meet virtually at several instances – for a joint cross-European kick-off, for keynote meetings and for their final presentations.

You would like to be part of Una.Futura?

Have a look at the challenges described in our guidebook. Choose one challenge and get ready for the design sprint from 5 to 9 July! You will need to foresee some preparation time the week before.

Apply by 21 May by filling in this application form.