To address the interdependent UN sustainable development goals effectively, a new approach is required. By bringing together and interacting with all disciplines in the fields of sciences, social sciences, health sciences, engineering, arts and humanities, Una Europa makes it possible to research and teach the connections and interdependencies between the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to transform Una Europa into a single transnational campus that generates cross-disciplinary knowledge and societal interaction and to educate the next generation in making the 2030 Agenda part of daily life

Unibo Actions:

Our University is committed in the design and implementation of several initiatives and joint programs that are being developed in this area. The professors that represent the University of Bologna in the Sustainability Self-Steering Committee of Una Europa are:

Prof. Annarita Ferrante - Department of Architecture (personal website)

Prof. Elena Toth - Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering (personal website)

Prof. Stefano Piastra - Department of Education Studies "Giovanni Maria Bertin" (personal website)

Moreover, The Una Europa association is developing a broader strategy about Sustainability and Climate Protection, for this, each university will lead and co-lead a specific Task Force. The University of Bologna has been designated to the following ones:  

-              Champion: Healthy and Resilient Communities: Dr. Fabiana Fini

-              Advocate: Teaching and Community Engagement: prof. Angelo Paletta e prof. Alessandra Bonoli