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The European Union is currently facing major challenges, such as growing anti-European sentiment, the management of large migratory flows, integration into increasingly diverse societies and the capacity of existing welfare systems to manage the consequences of an ageing population. In face of the coronavirus outbreak, all European countries are facing huge challenges to reinforce their public health and to mitigate the socio-economic impact. These are common problems that need common solutions in a context where structural, administrative and cultural differences persist. Creating joint innovative educational formats in this area could help attracting students that will learn all about the European Union from diferent perspectives and hopefully will bring fresh ideas on how to tackle the challenges that is ow facing. 

One of the innovative ideas within the network concerns the implementation of a Joint Bachelor program in European Studies. To date, the range of Bachelor of European Studies programs within Europe remains limited. More important for this application, however, is that very few Bachelor of European Studies program are currently offered in the countries of the partner universities. The “International Bachelor of Arts in European Studies” proposed here encompasses an attractive, international, multidisciplinary and multilingual program, which will not only work within the academic landscape: it will also have an added value on  the European labor markets. 

UNIBO actions:

At the University of Bologna we are very glad to be part of such an ambitious program and are working hard towards its implementation. The three professors that represent our university in the Self Stering Committee of Europe and the World of Una Europa are:

  • Prof. Giuliana Laschi Department of Political and Social Sciences (personal website)
  • Prof. Karin Pallaver - Department of History and Cultures (personal website)
  • Prof. Annalisa Furia - Department of Cultural Heritage (personal website)


Many other activities will be developed in our University around this strategic area, such as winter and summer schools, mobility windows, visits to historic places and more. In the next months, a call for proposals for a UNA Europa Chair in European Studies  will be launched to attract external professors into our University to carry activities devoted to our students and to those of the partner universities that would like to join us.

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