Data Science and AI

Technological progress will create new ethical challenges and will require new democratic mechanisms. Building on our leadership in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence, we at Una Europa have joined forces to ensure that all Europeans are part of the digital transformation, that adequate resources are developed to Artificial Intelligence and that the EU’s fundamental values are at the forefront of the AI landscape. 

All the partner universities have been working on this strategic area from different perspectives, but thanks to the funds of the 1Europe project, some concrete joint innovative formats are being developed, including: 

-Joint MOOC on societal impact of AI
-UNA Europa Lifelong Learning Certificate in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence (flexible, blended/online short programmes for professionals awarded with a micro-credential to be defined within the alliance)
-UNA Europa Chair in Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

At Unibo:

The professors that represent the University of Bologna in the Self-Steering Committee of Data Science/A.I of Una Europa are: