Project overview

THOR - lighTweight self-cHarging piezO-supercapacitoR systems by nanotechnologies

Portable Charges for Soldiers

The Issue

Portable electronic devices and sensors have entered and transformed many fields, including the military sector. These devices are traditionally powered by primary and secondary (re-chargeable) batteries that are, however, characterized by a short service life and frequent need for recharging. Therefore, the soldiers in military missions are forced to carry extra batteries and systems for electricity supply, causing additional weight. 


The Challange

Energy harvesting from the environment is a viable alternative for powering these devices in a clean and sustainable way by converting waste energy into electricity and efficient power supplies. The main energy sources in the environment include light, temperature difference, deformation, vibration and so on. Diversification of energy sources is thus of primary importance in military operations. In this context, the mechanical stress-based harvesting technology is a valid alternative. 


The Solution

Develop lightweight, efficient and wearable self-charging piezo-supercapacitor systems constituted by nanocomposites produced by electrospray/electrospinning as affordable nanotechnology.


The Impact

The successful achievement of project objectives will bring the advantage of partially substituting the heavy and environmental-dependent photovoltaic cells. The integrated system has been designed to guarantee the maximum versatility in terms of electronic circuit and choice of materials, with the additional advantage of exploiting both PE and SC units as separate components for various applications.