Why take part

Students, graduates, teachers, and researchers will find the ideal environment to develop ideas and business projects

Start-Up Day is not just a simple event

It’s much more:

  • You will have the chance to put your innovation skills to the test and discover your potential
  • See the world from different perspectives
  • Cultivate your idea and help it grow into a business project
  • Find the right space for your creativity
  • Put your competences into play in a project team

A fertile environment in which creativity can generate innovation

People planning for people. This is the aim of the initiatives we offer you, where solutions are generated by groups of students from different study fields, with the support of teachers, mentors, and entrepreneurs.

It doesn't matter if at the moment you don’t have a specific idea to develop. To start, all you need is enthusiasm to participate and interest in sharing knowledge and points of view with other students, to find innovative solutions to real problems in a conscious and responsible manner.

What you have learned in your university career and your desire to dialogue with others are the tools you need to find your ideal team.

Start-Up Day is the right place for experiential learning and to find opportunities for growth beyond your study programme. The aim of this event is to find talents who can help to develop a start-up project.