What it is and how it works

Start-up Day, organised by the University of Bologna in collaboration with the incubator and innovation hub Almacube, is a one-day event held every year that brings together thousands of people involved in the world of innovation and start-ups: students, graduates, researchers, teachers, representatives of the start-up ecosystem, entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors. Over 1000 projects have been presented in previous editions, and the participating start-ups have sourced over €4 million in funding.
Start-up Day provides opportunities for inspiration and growth to help you based on what you need at the moment.

Present your idea

Are you a student or a graduate?

If you already have an idea, as a startupper you will have the chance to present it and receive useful feedback on how to develop it. You will also meet people with useful competences to help implement your idea and create your team. Apply in the “new ideas” category of the Call for Start-Ups and if your project is selected you will take part in a training programme and receive advice and coaching from business experts on how to develop your business project.

If you already have a Start-Up you can apply in the “existing Start-Ups” category of the Call for Start-Ups and if you are selected, you will have access to Almacube business acceleration services.

Are you a teacher, researcher, have a PhD or research fellowship?

The Call for Spin-Off Projects is an opportunity to present your project and receive start-up benefits and funds, take part in the Start-Up Day and present your business idea to an audience of investors and stakeholders, and have access to the Advanced Academy training programme, designed specifically for business development.

Find your team

If you’re looking to join a team and put your talents to the test, this is the right place for you! You can engage with others and offer your competences by taking part in a themed hackathon and helping to develop an idea. 

Recruiting Time

If you have a young business that has vacancies, with Recruiting Time you can view the CVs of candidate students, graduates, diploma holders and master students, PhD students, and researchers.

Be inspired

You will have the opportunity to attend workshops dedicated to the world of business that will provide encouragement, inspiration, motivation and ideas to develop your business on topics such as sharing spin-off experiences, Venture Capitalists, Innovation, Open Innovation, and Design Thinking.
If you are an entrepreneur and want to offer your competences by taking part in the Start-Up Day as a supporter, among other opportunities you will have the chance to organise customised workshops and present your activities to a qualified, innovation-oriented audience.