Caterina Giuliani

Caterina Giuliani

Founder of Bioverse

Which edition of the StartUp Day did you participate in?


Can you tell us more about your startup? (what it does, who your target is, what issue you want to address)

Bioverse is an innovative startup that develops biomedical devices suitable for use in emergency and low-resource settings. The company’s main product is Corax, a device that monitors environmental conditions for patients with a weak immune system, especially children who have suffered burns. In fact, every year, 66% of severe burns occur in children living in developing countries who all too often die because of a lack of adequate infrastructure.

Who are the members of your team and what did you study?

The team consists of two biomedical engineers: Caterina Giuliani and Barbara Tommassini.

How did your studies influence the birth of this project?

This startup operates in the field of biomedical engineering and perfectly embodies our dream job, which is what we studied for. The project came about as part of the exam in Biomedical Engineering for Developing Countries and, thanks to Professor Stefano Severi, it also became the subject of a thesis. 

How did participating in the StartUp Day help you?

Participating in the Startup Day has helped us to assess whether our idea is well thought out and to take the first steps to make it happen. This event was the first opportunity we had to introduce ourselves to such a large audience.

What are the main difficulties you have encountered so far?

For startups, it is of crucial importance to be able to test their own product or service very quickly and with minimal investment. Naturally, this is not easy for a MedTech startup, especially if the target market is a 10-hour flight away.

What advice would you give to someone who wants to set up a startup?

Make sure you carefully analyse the reasons for embarking on this wonderful adventure and always keep them in mind.