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Founded in 1978, RDS is now the main Italian radio station with over 5.7 million listeners. With a mix of 100% Great Successes music, innovation, style and engagement, RDS is today considered a real Entertainment Company.


RDS 100% Great Successes is a reference point for technological and digital innovation, careful and sensible to communities and lifestyle. The editorial line is oriented to digital literacy of citizens, institutions, companies and users listeners of all generations, with a particular attention to millennials and digital natives, a hyper-connected generation that needs guidance to the awareness of digitization and which impacts can give to their future. The interest of millennials is attracted by exploiting all the channels to facilitate interaction, confrontation and community leadership. RDS has increasingly contaminated the schedule with experienced network influencers, on topics that can be explored in an edutainment mode.
The strategic path of RDS 100% Grandi Successi has led to the consolidation of a positioning on «music & entertainment experiences». All this is summed up in a propensity to give listeners users and partners unique experiences, providing a web, social and radio platform of over 6.5 mln.
Furthermore, those who listen RDS 100% Grandi Successi know that they can fulfill great wishes such as taking part in contests promoted on RDS platform.


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