Round 7

We grow opportunities: find out the idea selected by the Call4StartUp 2022

Pitch of the winning entrepreneurial projects - category “Emerging Ideas”


Enrico Rossi, Plant sitter @Theater n.1
He is a professional figure who takes care of the plants of those in need and those who travel.


Gabriele Carosi, PoliCity @Theatre n.2
It is a platform for improving interaction between citizens and their local political representatives.


Chiara Malizia, PreTaste @Theater n.3
It is an AI powered app to pre-order fresh food and to help the merchant predict sales, without waste.


Luca Gialli, S-eye-S @Theater n.4
Energy infrastructure mapping using satellite images to identify damage caused by atmospheric phenomena and activate interventions.


Yves Pouabe, Smartfood @Theater n.5
Transformation of the Cameroonian tomato into derivatives, making it more accessible all year round and at a lower price.


Ernesto Fabbri, Spine @Theater n.6
Production of a material equal to leather but eco-sustainable, deriving from cacti from the desert areas of Africa.


Giulio Valerio Corbelli, Tondo @Theater n.7

Sustainable and economical alternative to disposable containers, aimed at takeaway / delivery premises.


Federico Duca, ToZeroCarbon @Theatre n.8

It is the first crowdfunding platform that allows you to invest by contributing to the reforestation of our planet.


Federico Benni, WastEat @Theatre n.9
An app that allows the purchase of second-hand products.


Giorcia Morbelli, Work Fare @Theater n.10
Platform that connects students looking for seasonal work and companies.