Round 6

We grow opportunities: find out the idea selected by the Call4StartUp 2022

Pitch of the winning entrepreneurial projects - category “Emerging Ideas”


Simone Zuppiroli, Eureka! @Theater n.1
The App that distorts teaching thanks to learning and teaching experiences!


Davide Giosuè Lippolis, Heaple @Theatre n.2

Remote programming and analysis of cognitive therapy, improving the care of the
patient thanks to artificial intelligence.


Matteo Vicenzi, HYDROGEN GREEN @Theater n.3
Convert an old paper mill to produce green hydrogen, through water and electrolysers powered by a photovoltaic park.


Richard Ndorbor Harlay Jr, Liberia Soybean Program @Theatre n.4

Agro-entrepreneurship project for sustainable economic development.


Enrico Manicone, Kiri the tree that can save the world @Theater n.5
Enhancement of a tree that absorbs CO2, purifies the air and produces wood.


Carlo Antonio Maria Gervasi, MiniAutomation @Theatre n.6
An automatic filling machine with capping machine to allow small businesses to reduce the gap with large companies.


Debora Del Cogliano, MINIMUM @Theater n.7
It is the first Italian label that certifies the quality of work.


Luca Bluzoni, Muscle-App @Theatre n.9
Non-invasive interfaces based on muscle contraction for the interaction, communication and rehabilitation of disabled patients


Martina Domenicali, OUTSIDER @Theatre n.10
The app that bridges the information gap of the University for students abroad.