Round 11

Towards the Future: the University of Bologna share its experience

Pitch of Spin offs  & Startups of the University of Bologna 


Ippolito Lorenzo, Lac2Lab @Theatre n.1
Development of innovative additives for the life science sector, starting from expired milk or due to expire.


Claudio Rossi, LiBER @Theatre n.2
Production of battery pack technological systems for automotive, marine and stationary.


Alessandro Nanni, Re - Sport @Theatre n.3
Design of industrial processes and plants for the recycling of based materials polymeric and multiphase of sports equipment.


Luca Morandi, Studium Genetics @Theater n.4
Development of early diagnosis and prognosis predictive methods in the oncology sector molecular, with particular regard to carcinoma of the oral cavity.


Augusto Bianchini, Turtle @Theater n.5
Development and marketing of a sustainability management software, which quantifies the environmental, social and economic impact of companies.


Kevin Giorgis, Wyblo @Theater 6
Edtech startup that provides a management platform for professional courses, for automate training processes and measure their impact.