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Main Program


You can find the program at page 6.

10.00 | Opening to the public (register online and skip the line!)

10.30 | Opening cerimony @Sala Re Enzo

Francesco Ubertini, Dean of University of Bologna

Rosa Grimaldi, University of Bologna Delegate to Entrepreneurship and business relationship

Stefano Onofri e Alessandro Cillario, StartUp Day Co-founders

11.20 | Inspiring: Entrepreneurship as mindset @Sala Re Enzo

Steven A. Gedeon, Director of the Ryerson Entrepreneur Institute at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto

11.45 | Team meeting First Round @Salone del Podestà

  • 11.45 – 12.15 Team Meeting First Session
  • 12.30 – 13.00 Team Meeting Second Session



12.45 | Networking Lunch @Sala degli Atti - Private Event

13.00  Lunch Break (h. 2pm event continues @Sala Re Enzo and Salone Podestà)

14.30 | Team meeting Second Round @Salone del Podestà

  • 14.30 – 15.00 Team Meeting First Session
  • 15.15 – 15.45 Team Meeting Second Session



16.30 | Team meeting Third Round @ Salone del Podestà

  • 16.30 – 17.00 Team Meeting First Session
  • 17.15– 17.45 Team Meeting Second Session

18.00 Unicorn Challenge Award Cerimony @Sala Re Enzo

18.10 Conclusion and final greetings @Sala Re Enzo

Then,  aperitif in Sala Quadrante





12.00-12.45 | Digital innovation

Recommended to: players, startuppers, professionals, companies

  • “From Unibo to Web Marketing festival: history of the biggest Italian festival on digital and social innovation" with Cosmano Lombardo, Founder and CEO of Search On Media Group and Chairman of Web Marketing Festival.
  • “How to become successful startuppers in the Hospitality 4.0 field” with Marco Celani, CEO of Italianway S.p.a.
  • “Evensi: the biggest search engine in the world. How you can start from a garage in Modena, Emilia, passing through San Francisco and becoming global" with Yuri Grassi, Founder and Chairman of Evensi.

14.00-14.45 | Startup fundraising

Recommended to: players, startuppers, professionals

“EmiliaRomagnaStartUp: free orientation for young entrepreneurs” with Giorgia Cossovel, Startup Unit ART-ER S.Cons.p.A.

  • “History of success: selling a house in 30 days" with Giorgio Tinacci, CEO and Co-Founder Casavo.
  • “The art of inquiring. Nobody makes it alone" with Andreina Romano, Founder di Heroes S.r.l.

14.50 -15.30 | Open Innovation and Design Thinking

Recommended to: players, startuppers, companies

“Hunting for Ideas with the design thinking" with Matteo Vignoli, director of Open Innovation Program of Almacube.



15.30 –16.15 | Award Cerimony of Coopstartup Bologna Call

Recommended to: players, startuppers, professionals, companies

Presentation of the three winning projects of the Call promoted by Legacoop Bologna and Coopfond, the call offers 45.000 euro non-repayable for the creation of cooperative startups.

Speeches by: Rita Ghedini: Legacoop Bologna President; Simone Gamberini: Legacoop Bologna Director; Alfredo Morabito: Coopfond Active Promotion Director and Barbara Moreschi: Coopstratup-Coopfond Coordinator.



16.30-18.00 |  EdTechX Global Startup

Recommended to: investors, companies

Thanks to the cooperation between Zanichelli Venture and EdTechXEurope, the most important international competition for edtech startups comes to Italy: innovative ideas for the future.

Speeches by: Enrico Poli, Zanichelli Venture Director; Daniel Sacchelli, Global EdTechXEurope Director; Sveva Busson, Founder LearnSpace.





11.45 - 12.45 | AlmaCube Investor time

Recommended to: investors, professionals, startuppers

Investor Time is the event during which the best entrepreneurial project of this Almacube season present themselves to the investors. In particular, digital projects and university Spin-off created into the research laboratories of the University of Bologna will be present too.



14.00-14.30 | Tradition and Innovation

Recommended to: professionals, companies, players, startuppers

"Food and Sustainability: challenge of the future" with Sara Roversi, Founder of Future Food Institute and You Can Group

  • “The taste of improvement: Camst, Open Innovation” with Gianluca Cristallo, Senior Buyer of Camst and Mattia Grillini, Communication and Knowledge Manager of Camst.

14.45-15.15 | Becoming Startupper

Recommended to: startuppers, players

  • “Natural selection in an investment portfolio” with Giulio Montoli, Head of the Acceleration Program LVenture Group.
  • “Business Incubators and accelerators: what they give, what they take and what they look for" with Pietro Ferraris, Head of the Acceleration Program of G-Factor, the incubator-accelerator of Fondazione Golinelli.



15.45 - 16.15 | Looking Forward

Recommended to: companies, professionals, startuppers

  • “Condensing innovation. The fundamental alliance between traditional companies and startups" with Andrea Landini, Entrepreneur, Head of Community and Managing Partner of Gellify.
  • “From Silicon Valley to Italy: the biggest Open Innovation platform in the world" with Andrea Zorzetto, Managing Partner Plug and Play Italia.

16.20 – 17.50 | We are what we research

Recommended to: professors, researchers, investors

  • “Researchers and entrepreneurs: the spin-offs tell their stories” 

Speeches by:  Marco Domenicali, Co-Founder Mysurable s.r.l.; Enrico Di Oto, CEO OaCp s.r.l.; Rosario Squatrito, CEO Nextema s.r.l.

  • “From research to business spin-off: the point of view of the Venture Capitalist"

Speeches by: Ciro Spedaliere, Senior Investment Vertis SGR; Francesco De Michelis, CEO Mito Technology, Giancarlo Addario, Five Seasons Ventures

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