The ideas born with us

Since the first edition, in 2015, Start-Up Day has hosted different teams that have become successful start-ups or ideas that are making great progress.

Climate, Energy & Mobility


Bettery's goal is to bring to market a sustainable liquid battery with the highest specific energy and the lowest cost.

Helping to change the world by allowing people to plant a tree with a click and compensate for the environmental impact.

Culture, Creativity & Inclusive society


The first platform for sharing gardens for private parties in Italy. 

The first platform offering a complete graduation planning service to students. 

Measuring workers' welfare by increasing consumers' awareness, improving working conditions and certifying virtuous companies. 

Offering philosophy workshops for children and adults as well as training courses on philosophical practices as an educational opportunity. 

Teaching the Italian language through fun video-lessons. 

Mobile application innovating role-playing games

Web site connecting the best travel bloggers to create the perfect travel itinerary.

Digital Industry & Space


World's first distributed cloud provider. Recycling the internet we waste into most competitive and secure web services

Managing all your home devices, wherever you are.

Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment


Modular semi-autoated system for the production of fresh vegetables in urban areas, without using pesticides, thanks to aquaponics technology.

Turning cheese waste into bio-plastic precursors through an innovative and sustainable process.

The greatest online selection of natural products with a short supply chain for people's everyday wellness.

App for flatmates, families, cohabitants or friends who want to organize their home life in a smart and functional way.

Bringing to privates the unsold restaurants' leftovers that cannot be sold at full price and would be thrown away.



BIPOD's goal is to create a kit for the early diagnosis of Parkinson's disease.

Designing a device to transport and treat kids with burn injuries in poor contexts.

Developing neural interfaces, systems able to directly connect the brain to any sort of device.