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You can attend any activity during the day. You can be a player, sitting at the table during team meeting sessions to discover the selected project ideas. You can listen to the speakers of the day, collecting precious insights. You can meet supporters to find financial resources, or even just to challenge your idea and to get advice on how to improve it. You can also discover successful startups from Bologna and listen to their experience. Some of them began their journey at StartUp Day, and many are looking for interns and collaborators to involve in their acitivities.



StartUp Day is open to anyone: you are more than welcome even if you are only curious about how it works.

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1. What does it mean to be "a player"?

A player is anyone who wants to put his/her own skills and abilities acquired during the academic path at good use. StartUp Day offers the opportunity to challenge yourself and create a team with ideators ready to develop their ideas. Team is the most important asset for a new startup: for this reason, your role is fundamental during StartUp Day, as well as during all the development stages of their projects.  

2. Who is a Startupper at "Unibo”?

A Startupper Unibo is any student or graduate (since max 3 years) that candidates his/her idea to the Call for Ideas and that is selectioned among the 30 best ideas. During StartUp Day, the Startupper Unibo will have at his/her disposal a round table, around which players will gather. In 2 sessions of 30 minutes each, the Startupper Unibo will present his/her idea and will create important contacts for the future development of their projects. 

3. Who is a "Supporter”?

A supporter is one of the actors – public and private – that offer services and fundings to develop new entrepreneurial projects. During the event, participants have the opportunity to get to know the opportunities offered by the rich startup ecosystem, all in one day!

4. How does a team meeting session work?

During the day the 30 selected ideas are presented at the Team Meeting tables, where every startupper will have 2 sessions of 30 minutes to present his/her idea to the players that join the table. During the Call for Player you can see the 30 selected ideas that will be exposing at the event and, thanks to the electronic agenda, you can register to the sessions you are most interested in. This way you can show up at the event to fully experience the day!

5. I am only curious, can i take part to the team meeting sessions anyways?

The answer to this question is clearly YES! The event is open to public and it is possible to take part in the Team Meeting sessions even without registering, but you will not be able to sit. You will meet supporters, already active startup, listen to the speakers and follow the workshops during the day. The advice is, anyways, to register online to avoid queue. Alternatively, it will be possible to take part in the event, filling in a form at the entrance.

6. Can i take part as a player without signing up?

StartUp Day is open to everyone, but registration is required, online or directly the day of the event, providing the personal details at the entrance. We strongly advice to register online to avoid queuing at the entrance, and to have the opportunity to be invited at the Team Meeting tables directly by the startuppers.

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