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Online the 30 selected ideas. They will have access to a reserved table for the Team Meeting session at StartUp Day.



Call for Ideas Round 1: Closed January 20th (2PM).

Round 1: on February 5th we have announced the 80 projects that have been selected for the Call for Ideas Round2.

Ignition Program (IP): from Call For Ideas Round1 to Round 2, the 80 selected projects would be entitled to participate in the Entrepreneurial Ignition Program (EIP) meetings.

Almacube Incubation Program | Phase 1: the 80 selected projects have the access to the phase 1 of Almacube Incubation Program. The Program offers business development personalized services in the first phase and funding, networking and mentorboard in the second phase. More infos here:

Round 2: closed on March 15th (PM). On March 27th we have announced the 30 selected projects that will get a table for the Team Meeting at StartUp Day 2020.

Call for Players: soon an electronic diary will be available, where you will see the profiles of the players registered at your table and invite new ones.


On May 23, join us at the event at Palazzo Re Enzo and Sala Borsa! You will have 2 table sessions of 30 minutes, where you will get to know the players and choose the ones you would like to start building your project with.


* The StudEnt for Africa projects included in the merit ranking - as foreseen in art 5.1 of the Call for StartUp Day call - are not included in the StudEnt for Africa ranking, however, they are admitted to take part in the training program dedicated to projects with a prevalent impact on the African continent.

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