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The 6th edition of the StartUp Day is coming and we are extending our Ambassador Program!

The program was born as a test in 2018 and due to the enthusiastic feedback, it will be carried on. 🎉

Becoming an ambassador means being part of an exclusive community of innovators who are cooperating with the University of Bologna and Almacube in order to support the development of entrepreneurship and innovation. It is an opportunity to have a formative and enriching experience and to enter in a network that provides many opportunities and contacts. Ambassadors essentially help planning and communicating the StartUp Day 2020, the most important event for youth entrepreneurship in Italy. The participants get the opportunity to see what is going on behind the scenes of a large event like this, they can get in contact with many interesting people and develop their soft skills. At the end of the program they will personally experience StartUp Day and see how their work is materialized. 


You are an ideal ambassador, if

➕ you are passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship 

➕ you are curious 

➕ you want to engage yourself and you are willing to work in teams

Being part of the community also means enjoying certain advantages: you get the chance to participate in the internal events of the Almacube community, you will have the opportunity to receive invitations from StartUp Day partners, you can enrich your CV with an entirely different experience, and you will have personalized gadgets.



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