Thomas Lam (University of Michigan)

Minicorso: Grassmannians and statistical models

  • Data:

    26 APRILE
    28 APRILE 2022
     dalle 14:00 alle 16:00
  • Luogo: Aule Enriques ore 14:00

Statistical mechanical models (dimer, Ising, resistor) model physical phenomena such as crystal formation, ferromagnetism, and electrical conductance. In recent years, it has been discovered that such models on planar graphs are closely connected to the geometry and combinatorics of the Grassmannian, specifically to the positive Grassmannian.

Plan of the mini-course:
Lecture 1: Dimer model and the positive Grassmannian
Lecture 2: Ising model and the positive orthogonal Grassmannian
Lecture 3: Resistor networks and the positive Lagrangian Grassmannian