Giulia Saccà (Columbia)

Hyperkähler manifolds and Lagrangian fibrations (lecture 1)

  • Data: 15 NOVEMBRE 2022  dalle 11:15 alle 13:00

  • Luogo: Aula Arzelà, ore 11:00

Prima lezione del minicorso "Compactified Jacobians and cubic fourfolds", nell'ambito del Progetto TINGECORE - THE INTERPLAY OF GEOMETRY, COMBINATORICS AND REPRESENTATION THEORY (“Bando Strutture” 2020) del prof. Luca Moci.

Abstract del minicorso: In this course I will start by giving a general introduction to hyper-Kahler manifolds, then I will discuss Lagrangian fibrations and the use of birational geometry in compactification techniques.