Alessandro Iraci (Università di Pisa)

Delta and Theta operators expansions

  • Data: 04 NOVEMBRE 2022  dalle 14:15 alle 16:00

  • Luogo: Seminario II, ore 14:15

Delta and Theta operators are two families of operators on symmetric functions that show remarkable combinatorial properties. Delta operators generalise the famous nabla operator by Bergeron and Garsia, and have been used to state the Delta conjecture, an extension of the famous shuffle theorem proved by Carlsson and Mellit. Theta operators have been introduced in order to state a compositional version of the Delta conjecture, with the idea, later proved successful, that this would have led to a proof via the Carlsson-Mellit Dyck path algebra. We are going to give an explicit expansion of certain instances of Delta and Theta operators when t=1 in terms of what we call gamma Dyck paths, generalising several results including the Delta conjecture itself, using interesting combinatorial properties of the forgotten basis of the symmetric functions.