Activities organized in the framework of the project TInGeCoRe "The Interplay of Geometry, Combinatorics and Representation Theory" (Bando Strutture 2020)

Februar 16, 2021

Allen Knutson (Cornell University)

Thomas Lam (University of Michigan)

Positroid varieties

16:15 in GMT+1

March 2, 2021

PhD afternoon

José Bastidas (Cornell University)

Mariel Supina (University of California, Berkeley)

March 9, 2021

PhD afternoon

Aline Zanardini (University of Pennsylvania)

March 16, 2021

PhD afternoon

Luis Ferroni Rivetti (Università di Bologna)

Santiago Estupinan (Universidad de los Andes)

March 25, 2021

Giulia Saccà (Columbia University)

Fano manifolds associated to hyperkahler manifolds

Hosted by Antonella Grassi on ZAG

16:00 in GMT+1

Organized by

Jacopo Gandini

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Antonella Grassi

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Luca Moci

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Giovanni Mongardi

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