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Find below videoconferencing connection details for the next day at the School.

Friday, July 24th

Connect to the seminar by going to the "Live Event" link below (*)

  • Advanced sensing based on organic multifunctional materials  (M. Muccini): Live Event

After each Live Event, connect to the "Q&A session" (a handy shortened URL to the same room is Alternatively, you can authenticate on Teams with your credentials, then click on the "Teams" icon on the left-hand panel, then "Join or create a team", then "Join a team with a code", then enter code ji375us.

(*) apologies for the explicit URL, this is due to an issue in hypertexting on the web site that was found by D.Bonacorsi on July 22nd (basically: we cannot add clickable links in the text) which has been reported and is still being investigated by the UNIBO WEB support team.