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SMSS2019 conference is organized as a supporting event of RILEM Spring Convention. The scope of the conference is to gather scientists, practitioners, members of technical committees and users of technical recommendations, to jointly at the same place discuss and envision the future sustainable development of materials, systems and structures in a holistic, global way.

To ensure that sustainability in civil engineering is tackled in a holistic way, conference is divided into several mini symposiums / segments, with each symposium targeting a specific field within SMSS. Having segmented efforts, with their specific chairs, topics, scientific committee and allocated time during the event, will enable a platform for a detailed and focussed discussion among interested parties on a specific segment of SMSS. Having all these segments discussed during the same week at the same (beautiful) location, will ensure their interconnection, knowledge exchange and will hopefully strengthen existing and create new networks for future collaboration.

RILEM Spring Convention

18 – 19 March 2019

The Convention combines RILEM standing committee meetings (Bureau, TAC, DAC, Development Meeting), and importantly a number of RILEM technical committee meetings. One purpose of the Spring Convention is to afford RILEM TCs the opportunity to meet at least annually for their scientific discussions, and to do this in conjunction with other TCs and RILEM colleagues with whom mutual interchange might be possible. Also, a prestigious lecture and award (the Colonnetti Lecture) will be held during the Convention (there is a possibility of two medals thus two lectures). As always, besides high quality technical content, there should be major opportunities for networking and public relations activities.

Following meetings are envisaged during RILEM Spring Convention 2019

  • BUR: Bureau
  • DEV: Development meeting
  • DAC: Management Advisory Committee
  • TAC: Technical Activities Committee
  • TC: Technical Committee


The SAFERUP! team was represented on the 280-CBE : Multiphase characterisation of cold bitumen emulsion materials - Chair: Dr. Andrea GRAZIANI, Deputy Chair: Mr. Alan CARTER, by the Project Coordinator Professor Cesare Sangiorgi, Project Manager Piergiogio Tantaranni and ESR 1 - Sérgio Copetti Callai.

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