Portugal Mission 2021

Once again, the RESOLUTION team visits the Atlantic coast in northern Portugal in search of more fossil trees.


    RESOLUTION in Portugal

  • The Atlantic coast - North Portugal

    The Atlantic coast - North Portugal

  • We found more trees!

    We found more trees!

  • Waves

    The tide was not as low as in 2020, so the waves made our job much more difficult.

  • RESOLUTION team at work

    RESOLUTION team at work

  • Digging the trees

    Before cutting the trees, we dug up as much as possible to expose the sample.

  • Digging

    Digging the trees

  • More digging

    More digging...

  • Before the wave

    While the tide was retreating, the waves kept inundating the samples and bringing back the sand we dug out.

  • Submerged

    During the wave...

  • Waves

    Submerged again.

  • Wave after wave

    Wave after wave.

  • Keep going

    Even after the waves brought back the sand, we kept going to get our fossil tree samples.

  • Preparing to cut

    Preparing to cut the sample.

  • Just before cutting...

    We tried to eliminate most of the seawater before cutting the trees.

  • Cutting the trees

    Cutting the trees.

  • Cutting with waves

    Even while cutting the trees, the waves kept coming, as the tide was still not at the lowest point.

  • Tree cut

    Tree cut

  • Done with cutting

    Done with cutting.

  • Teamwork

    Some samples were so big they required two people to carry them!

  • RESOLUTION in Portugal

    RESOLUTION in Portugal

  • RESOLUTION at the ocean side

    RESOLUTION at the ocean side.