September 2021

Trieste Next - Presentation start

Trieste Next - Scientific Research Festival 2021

25th of September 2021

Prof. Sahra Talamo talked about human evolution and the complicated relationship between H. sapiens and H. neanderthalensis in her talk at the Trieste Next Festival of Scientific Research.

You can read an interview about her presentation on the Trieste Next webpage (in Italian).

A video of the entire talk is available on YouTube, to see it click here (the talk starts at minute 5 of the video and is in Italian).

See the posts on Twitter and Instagram as well.


TEDx Sahra Talamo

TEDx Castelfranco Emilia

Prof. Sahra Talamo presented the ERC RESOLUTION Project at her TEDx presentation on Sunday 19th of September.

Soon the video of her presentation will be available on YouTube, and the link will be shared here! Meanwhile see it on Twitter here!

The photos of the event as well as descriptions of the speakers and talks in Italian are available on the TEDx Castelfranco Emilia website, and on Instagram.


Training Seminar for UGIS (Union of Scientific Italian Journalists)

"Communicating with ethics: research on human evolution and the risks of fake news in science information." by Prof. Sahra Talamo

On Friday the 10th of September, the PI of RESOLUTION delivered a talk at the UGIS seminar aiming to shed light on a common problem in science communication - fake news and misinformation, focusing on the topic of human evolution.

See the post on the RESOLUTION Twitter page.

More in Italian on our Instagram.

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