Play with Eu is an interactive game. It is composed by a board on which each pawn representing any player (that means, avatars created by the students participating to the workshops) moves basing on the score resulting from the rolling of a dice.

There are boxes in the board whose colors depend on the topic of the question posed to the players. Each the question refers to one of the four chapters of the booklet:

  • When? The history of the European Union: from the Second World War to the last phases of the European integration process 
  • Why? The walues and goals of a Union based on the individuals 
  • How? The institutions and functioning of the European Union 
  • What? The European Union’s policies and their impact on our daily life

200 multiple choice questions can be found along the way. Every question has its own difficulty lave, ranging from 1 to 3; there are bonus questions as well. Questions are formulated in different ways (through videos, graphics or audio tracks) and made by the participants to the workshops on a peer to peer basis, since the classes involved in the project identified and created items addressing an audience of people who are of the same age as the students directly involved in the project.


Play with Eu!