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Sustainable Urban Regeneration

Post-graduate vocational training programme in 


A.Y. 2019-2020


The Course aims to offer new interpretative and design tools based on the integration of environmental, social and economic issues into the existing and still functiong city project. The city of today requires a continuous and deep renewal in order to guarantee suitable liveability and urban health levels, to drastically reduce polluting emissions, climate-changing emissions and energy consumption, to ensure greater resilience to climate and socio-economic changes.

From a regenerative perspective, the urban contexts affected by the transformation are changed respect to the past, but also the actors involved in the regeneration process and, above all, the ways in which we can and must intervene, which require designers to approach these issues in a radical way, by acquiring new skills and new ways of working aimed to the requalification of the city. This requires new professional figures able to work in a qualified multidisciplinary team and to speak with different specialized languages and knowledge.

Therefore, the course aims to train professionals able to correctly deal with the entire sustainable urban regeneration process, by acquiring skills in the fields of sustainable urban design, sustainable architectural design and urban regeneration, open space design and architectural greenery, with an innovative approach primarily aimed at the intervention on the city and on existing buildings, then to new competences related to economic feasibility, process management and climate adaptation that will allow designers to operate in a complex context.