Intense Learner course on vitamins


Place: Hradec Králové, Faculty of Pharmacy, Charles University, Czech Republic

Dates: 19th to 24th June 2023

Participants: 16 Master or doctoral students from 8 partner universities (2 from each institution). From University of Pecs there was 1 student from Kenya, from Charles University 1 student from Slovakia and 1 student from Iran, other students were the same nationality as the university of origin.

Pedagogical programme: lectures on the topics of vitamins in a total duration of almost 13 hours (13 x 60 minutes), 2 accompanying lectures (Reactive oxygen species, Nuclear receptors) – almost 3 hours, and test + discussion of the acquired knowledge – 5.5 hours approximately.

The lectures covered the topics of all 13 known vitamins (i.e. vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D, E, H(B) and K. The lecturers were members of the Czech project team – prof. Přemysl Mladěnka, assoc. prof. Jana Pourová, dr. Marie Vopršalová, dr. Alejandro Carazo, dr. Eduard Jirkovský and dr. Marcel Hrubša, assoc. prof. Iva Boušová as well as a member of the Slovak project team - assoc. prof. Marek Máťuš.


Feedback of the students

I had an absolutely awesome week at this event. It provided me with the perfect chance to step out of my comfort zone and explore beautiful historical sites in the Czech Republic. The opportunity to meet incredible people from all around the world made it even more special. Everything was perfectly oragnized and the teachers were truly kind and helpful. Overall, it was an awesome experience that I will always remember.

Abél, Hungary

We would like to thank you for the great week. The lectures were very interesting, and the trips were varied and beautiful. We especially liked Kuks, a breathtaking landscape. It was also an enriching experience, being able to meet and be with people from so many different places. Everything was well organised.

German team

The intense learner meeting of project OEMONOM was a fantastic experience where we had an amazing opportunity to expand our knowledge about vitamins. The lessons were engaging and insightful, covering a wide range of vitamin-related topics, including toxicology, pharmacokinetics, stability, and physiology. What made the experience even more special was the chance to connect with students from different parts of Europe. We had a great time bonding, sharing experiences, and embracing different cultures. The meeting left us with new knowledge and wonderful memories 

Slovene team

Regarding the intensive learning, we would like to acknowledge the effort and dedication of the entire team setting up and executing the programe. The course was very well organized and structured, providing an excellent approach to the vitamins topic, with dynamic and interesting content. In addition, the teaching methods contributed to a better learning of the contents, with the teachers always available to clarify any doubts.

We also want to highlight the fantastic hospitality and all the work organizing extra activities, which allowed us to get to know not only Hradec but also the Czech culture. These moments were also important to interact with colleagues from other countries, creating good memories.

Portuguese team

I was lucky enough to attend a seminar on vitamins as part of the OENOMOM project in Hradec Kralové, Czech Republic. The Hradec faculty and team offered us much more than just an academic setting. They opened their doors to us and welcomed us into their community, allowing us to discover the culture, history and beauty of this country.  

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the teaching staff for their warm welcome. I would also like to thank the 15 other students from various European countries who helped to make this experience unforgettable. 

Clara, France

The project OEMONOM represents an initiative related to the divulgation of reliable scientific material and its easy accessibility. It is more than just a series of lectures and conferences. The experts transmit passion and competence, representing a united scientific community that aims to get in contact with the scientists of the future, which is a commendable approach. Standing against disinformation and making understandable contents to everyone, are not easy tasks. However, during "Intense Learning" weeks, even the less experienced people were able to recognise vitamins ‘vital’ importance and proper use.

Multi-ethnic confrontation crowns the efficiency of this project. As necessary as vitamins, multi- ethnic confrontation demonstrated to be essential for life on this planet. It is not easy to have 16 students from all over Europe getting in contact, living together for a while, sharing ideas and allowing to become friends and build memories that will never be forgotten.

This project not only extended our cultural knowledge, but also demonstrated collaboration efficiency as a powerful means for achieving goals that will be as far for a single individual as close for a motivated group.

In conclusion, it is necessary to recall European Union's will to put the basis for a more united scientific community which will be committed to creating a better world.

Mattia, Italy