Research projects we are working on

AMICA: Estrazione di argomenti nella letteratura scientifica legata al Covid-19

The project aims to exploit argument mining for the large-scale analysis of scientific articles about Covid-19. Funded by the Italian Ministry of University and Research under the FISR 2020 programme.

We coordinate the scientific activities of the University of Bologna.

StairwAI: Stairway to AI

The project aims to ease the engagement of low-tech users to the AI-on-demand platform through AI. Funded by the European Commission under H2020, ICT-49.

We lead part of the project activities on horizontal matchmaking, reputation and fairness.

ADELE: Analytics for DEcision of LEgal cases

The project applies legal analytics to judicial decisions. It aims to develop methods to extract knowledge and engage in outcome predictions, and therefrom build a pilot tool to support legal research and decision-making processes in the judiciary. Funded by the European Commission's Directorate General Justice and Consumer under JUST-JACC-EJU-AG-2020

We coordinate the work package on argument mining and outcome prediction.

Humane-AI-Net: European Network of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Facilitating a European brand of trustworthy, ethical AI that enhances Human capabilities and empowers citizens and society to effectively deal with the challenges of an interconnected globalized world. Funded by the European Commission under H2020, ICT-48. The University of Bologna participates with 4 departments: Computer Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences, and Political and Social Sciences.

We coordinate the Humane-AI-Net activities for the University of Bologna and work on the Ethical Chatbots micro-project.

LAILA: Legal Analytics for Italian Law

The projects investigates the use of legal analytics to extract legal knowledge, infer undiscovered relationships, and engage in data-driven predictions. Funded by the Italian Ministry of Research under the PRIN 2017 programme.

We coordinate the informatics research activities of the project.

AI4EU: The European AI on Demand Platform

The AI4EU Platform serves as a catalyst to aid AI-based innovation, resulting in new products, services and solutions to benefit European industry, commerce and society. Funded by the European Commission under H2020, ICT-26.

We work on integrative AI, tools, and dissemination activities.

CLAUDETTE: Automated Analysis of Consumer Contracts and Privacy Policies

CLAUDETTE is an interdisciplinary research project aiming at the automation of personal data and consumer law enforcement using machine learning.

We contribute with our expertise in language technology and with the development of a tool for the automatic detection of unfair clauses in online Terms of Services.