The University is committed to urban mobility with low environmental impact.

In order to reduce atmospheric emissions, the University of Bologna promotes the use of public transport, cycle paths and other forms of low-impact mobility, both when travelling on business and when commuting between home and place of work/study.

Through an annual web-based questionnaire for all staff and students, since 2006 the University has analysed the needs and solutions adopted for travel between home and the University as a place of work/study when travelling between home and their place of work/study. This analysis underpins the strategies defined in the annual PSCLS – Plan for Travel between Home/Work/Study, which is in co-ordination with the municipal administration.

Our commitment to mobility is to:

  • Encourage cycling and public transport by adopting measures to reduce the number of private vehicles used without ride-sharing and guarantee reduced fares, as well as by reaching agreements with the transport companies and municipal administrations.
  • Lower atmospheric emissions by promoting the use of cycle paths and other forms of low-impact transportation.
  • Offer innovative and sustainable mobility services by implementing and managing services aimed at the shared use of vehicles.

Zeta A

The University of Bologna has completely renewed its fleet, introducing car-sharing as a new way of managing its vehicles. Service vehicles available to staff can be booked via the web through an application interfaced with the automated key release system, which replaces the paper register.


Almabike is a unisex city bike specifically designed to meet the needs of university students. It will be produced by the winning bidder of a specific tender and equipped with an anti-theft GPS sensor, as well as other quality features.


The aim behind the project is to create a network of stations for pedal-assisted bicycles that facilitates intermodal commuting or travel between different work locations. The start-up phase involves the installation of a number of e-bike parking facilities, including one at the railway station, distributed throughout the various university districts of Bologna.


Through an agreement with TPER for the promotion of sustainable mobility in urban and central Bologna, UniBo has been able to secure special rates for members of the university community in order to maximise the use of public transport over private transport.

The projects

Concluded projects

  • U-MOB Life

    The universities of Bologna and Bergamo are joining forces for a video competition on sustainable mobility at UniBo

  • UniBo on Bike

    The proceedings of the meeting on the state of the art in cycling mobility in scientific, technological and sociological aspects, with a focus on Bologna.