SDG Student Program (SDSN)

The GOAL has also become an SDG Student Hub in 2021!

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network is an international network of mainly academic entities for research, policy analysis, development of responses to sustainable development issues and global cooperation. Created under the auspices of the then UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon, it is an active network organised into regional and national networks. Since 2015, the youth branch (SDSN Youth) supports the network's work in educational and engagement actions for the younger generation.

It develops 4 different programs of different scales, among them the SDG Student Program promotes and coordinates the activation of antennae (SDG Students Hubs) at the campuses of the Universities part of SDSN that facilitate knowledge and engagement on SDGs-related issues in student communities according to the learn-engage-act scheme.

Among the actions of involvement in the activities of the network, it took part in the eighth edition of the International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD 2020) and facilitated the path of activation of an SDG Students Hub.

In 2021 the GOAL, due to its approach and predisposition towards the issues of the UN 2030 Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also assumed the functions of SDG Student Hub within the University, with the aim of encouraging as much as possible the involvement of the student component in the relationship between the University and sustainability.

The attribution to GOAL of the function of SDG Student Hub allows members as well as the entire student community of the Alma Mater to access the opportunities offered by SDSN Youth, and to generate a process of mutual contamination.


SDG Coordinator

Liaising with the SSP, each GOAL will have a student as SDG Coordinator (responsible on behalf of SDSN Youth), a precious opportunity to enrich one's path also from a professional point of view.

Once part of the GOAL, those interested in a high-level international experience will be guided through SDSN Youth's selection process, which will end with a three-month training course.

Received the nomination by SDSN Youth/After the appointment by SDSN Youth, the SDG Coordinator will represent GOAL in the SSP, reporting on its activities, interacting with other SDG Coordinators in Italy, Europe and worldwide, with the possibility of access to opportunities of international prestige.

The role requires a good command of the English language, teamwork and leadership skills.


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