UniBo Green Office (GOAL)

The Green Office is a place to discuss and develop projects. It is run by students together with teachers and the University’s professional staff, with the aim of spreading the culture of sustainability and implementing concrete programmes and plans.


The GOALS have the objective of promoting sustainability within the University through the close involvement of students and the support of the university structure, implementing projects and initiatives with support from the University’s Constructions and Sustainability Division.

The intention is to create a synergy between research, the local community and businesses, facilitating the co-creation of innovative projects and optimising networking between the various sectors of the University. 

The main working group is composed of:

  • 1 coordinator (Engineer Andrea Braschi - Head of the Constructions and Sustainability Division or his delegate);
  • 2 teachers (appointed for 3 years and identified by Prof. Riccardo Gulli - Rector Delegate for Constructions and Environmental Sustainability);
  • 4 University administrative technicians (appointed for 3 years and identified by the Green Office coordinator);
  • 8 students (appointed for 1 year and identified by the Student Board)

The GOAL working group will meet periodically to propose new sustainability initiatives and projects, which will also be implemented jointly with other university structures and external stakeholders.

GOAL has two locations, one for Bologna and one for Romagna, each with its own working group and its own dedicated spaces.


 The first Green Office model was trialled for the first time in 2010 by the University of Maastricht and was an instant success. It is an innovative project that is spreading among Europe’s leading universities (Green Office Movement) thanks to rootAbility, a non-profit social business that is driving the sustainability transition of the European higher education sector.