District heating

The University of Bologna is increasing the number of structures served by the city's district heating network.

The Project

An agreement is being finalised with HERA S.p.A. for the connection of 19 university structures to the city's district heating network, which will involve the technological adaptation of existing distribution substations.

As part of the project, existing diesel-powered thermal power plants will be decommissioned and replaced with heat exchangers connected to the city district heating networks.
The installation of thermal energy consumption data acquisition systems in the distribution substations is also planned.


The goals

  • reduce polluting emissions into the atmosphere caused by fuel consumption
  • reduce possible risks of smoke intoxication and explosion
  • reduce maintenance costs
  • reduce power consumption
  • improve the calculation of energy consumption


The state of progress
To date, the total number of structures already served by district heating stands at 15 in Bologna and 6 on the Forlì Campus, accounting for a total thermal energy output of approx 25,000,000 kWh/year.