The project aims to significantly limit the use of plastic bottles by the Community of the University of Bologna.

Among the strategies adopted to limit the use of disposable plastics on its sites, in 2018 the University launched the Plastop project, which involves several courses of action:



■ Production of metal water bottles:

we have designed and manufactured stainless steel bottles bearing the official University of Bologna – Multicampus Sostenibile logos in two sizes:

500 ml for personal use, in the University’s red livery, of which an initial production run of 2000 bottles has been distributed free of charge to students and staff at a number of University events (proclamation of research doctors, opening ceremony of the Cesena Campus, 2018 Sustainable Multicampus event, AlmaEclus event on agrifood). To further promote the use of UniBo personal water bottles, they will also be on sale at the official University shops.

· 800 ml insulated flasks, in silver for still water and black for sparkling water.

The insulated flasks are being distributed to UniBo institutional offices for use by speakers during meetings and conferences.

■ Installation of “Water Houses”:

the first Water House (“Casina dell’acqua”) was installed on the Cesena Campus to dispense still and sparkling water directly from the water supply network at a reduced price. The project will be extended to the University’s other campuses where possible. This equipment has also been branded with the UniBo logo and with the Infografiche project sticker.

■ Installation of filtered water dispensers:

an initial delivery of six indoor filtered water dispensers was installed in six different University offices for use by staff. The dispensers supply filtered water using a professional carbonation system—either still water at room temperature, or chilled still/sparkling water—and the water can be poured directly into cups and/or reusable bottles.
In particular, the Rectorate has been equipped with dispensers and reusable bottles for conferences and meetings.

■ Sustainability Infographics:

the sustainability Infographics project promotes sustainability by means of messages on stickers placed in strategic areas of the structures, which invite the reader to care for the environment by limiting their use of plastic.


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