Il Nastro Verde

Showcase of sustainable cinema

Sustainability on the silver screen

The university community is invited, through the medium of cinema, to reflect on environmental issues and the challenges that society must face in order to achieve sustainable progress that respects the ecosystem and environment.

The showcase addresses the issues from an integrated, critical and optimistic perspective to inform, raise awareness and awaken conscious and participatory sentiment on the issues of environmental sustainability within the entire community.

The goal of the initiative is to highlight the link between climate change, global instability at all levels and our own individual choices and responsibilities, as a way of engendering a movement of conscience that can make the difference in building the world we want.

The ultimate aim is to identify solutions that bring balance to the human race’s interaction with the environment!

After the positive experience of the 2019 showcase, we are working on the programme for the 2020 edition, which will take place over six evenings, specifically: 20 and 27 May (as part of the ASVIS Sustainable Development Festival), 21 and 28 October, and 4 and 11 November 2020.

The 2021 edition of the Festival is enriched by a collateral initiative called NastroVerde@Scuola: the project involves using the language of film to bring secondary school students closer together and raise awareness of Sustainability issues, pointing out the links between economic, environmental and social aspects, also with reference to standard secondary school subjects such as history or geography.


University Sustainability Unit

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Location of the event - Bologna

DamsLab Auditorium