Environmental Passport

Campus Smart Safe Sustainable

In order to assess the qualitative state of a university campus, it is essential to start from the data available, collect them, analyse them, and finally be able to parameterise, compare and correlate them according to exact specifications that take into account the reference context.
Within the framework of a collaboration agreement with Hera S.p.A. (signed in 2019), it was possible to realise these aims through the creation of the Environmental Passport, an innovative tool designed for university campuses that makes it possible to monitor certain sustainability issues of the 2030 Agenda and to manage the related objectives.

The experimentation started from the Cesena (Ex Zuccherificio) and Navile Campuses.

The environmental passport consists of an interactive dashboard, called the 'PUNTOnet Board', which allows one or more indicators to be identified for each objective, some of which are connected to IoT sensors and monitored on a real-time basis, and others to databases. This analysis process is useful for assessing the environmental and qualitative state of the Campus and, consequently, for implementing processes of improvement and change in the direction of sustainability.

The main services provided by the Dashboard are the following:

  • the Sustainability Passport, a tool that includes environmental, social and economic indicators related to SDGs issues;
  • the Target Analysis, which makes it possible to monitor the framing of the various themes in relation to set targets;
  • the Services section, in which to implement ad hoc tools to better monitor IoT (Internet of Things) sensors;
  • the Social Media Analysis, a tool for monitoring web and social channels in relation to predefined topics.