Environmental passport

Turning university campuses into small versions of smart cities.


Transforming university campuses into small versions of smart cities is the ultimate goal of this project, which involves the creation of smart eco-islands for emissions monitoring, waste recycling, CCTV security and the recharging of electric bicycles and cars. The aim is to achieve smart campus management by focusing on the meaning of and link between sustainability, care and innovation, through a circular analysis of their underlying relationships.


The University has entered into a partnership with the S2A Consortium and Hera to implement the E-Campus project, which was devised in response to changes that have affected cities in recent years. The project aims to provide guidance to cities and consolidate a new development model. Adopting an integrated approach, it strives to ensure the wellbeing of the community, with the aim of harmonising the relationship between Campus, People and Environment, with a view topromoting/ advancingexchange and reciprocity. In 2018, the new Cesena Campus was fitted with a photovoltaic shelter incorporating various environmental sensors, which sends readings to an information system via an integrated dashboard. In the coming months, the first newly developed smart waste system will be installed.