Italian candidates

Italian candidates (sandwich PhD, master students and post doc) can apply to a research period, according to his/her academic level.

The candidate has to be enrolled or affiliated in one of the Italian University taking part to the network. Italian candidates has to submit the following documents to the single FAP or to the hosting Brazilian institution:

  • Motivational Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Research project (the proposal must state clearly how the exchange activities to be carried out will contribute to the ongoing research)
  • Enrollment certificate

At the end of the process, the Italian candidates will need an invitation letter from one Brazilian University or from the Official Coordinator of the PhD School. Additional documents can be required by the single FAP or by the hosting Brazilian institution.
Funds for the Italian candidates may be provided by their home istitution in Italy. For further information please contact the home Istitution (International Relations Office/PhD Office contacts).

Research Themes

All disciplinary fields.


In the majority of cases, English will be the language required. In specific disciplinary fields or in specific Brazilian universities, Portuguese language proficiency could be required.

Obligations of the grant holder

The grant holder must comply with the legal requirements, in term of insurance and immigration (visa, etc.) of the host Country and University.


Sandwich PhD/master students/post doc will not pay any fee for the mobility period.