The purpose of the research group Media Mutations is to constantly survey the field of contemporary audiovisual media, to explore and question its technological, economic, institutional and cultural dynamics from different points of view. Based at the Department of Arts of the University of Bologna (Italy), it also aims to establish international connections among scholars and to facilitate knowledge sharing.

The activities of Media Mutations include:

- An annual international conference;
- Several one-day conferences with scholars and professionals involved in digital media;
- An archive of conference videos, books and journals concerning the research fields of our interest.

Conference's Scientific Committee:

Giovanni Boccia Artieri (Università di Urbino “Carlo Bo”)
Francesco Casetti (Yale University)
Mirko Degli Esposti (Università di Bologna)
Federico di Chio (Università di Bologna)
Enrico Menduni (Università di Roma Tre)
Peppino Ortoleva (Università di Torino)
Roberta Pearson (University of Nottingham)
Héctor Perez Lopez (Universitat Politècnica de València)
Guglielmo Pescatore (Università di Bologna)


Conference's Organizing Committee:

Guglielmo Pescatore  (Università di Bologna)
Luca Barra (Università di Bologna)
Claudio Bisoni (Università di Bologna)
Paola Brembilla (Università di Bologna)
Marco Cucco (Università di Bologna)
Veronica Innocenti (Università di Bologna)

A few papers from the Media Mutations conferences are available in the same-titled online journal at AMS Acta, the web repository of the University of Bologna.

Conference proceedings have also been published on: 
- Paolo Noto, Sara Pesce (eds.), The Politics of Ephemeral Digital Media. Permanence and Obsolescence in Paratexts, Routledge 2016 (book infos)
 Claudio Bisoni, Veronica Innocenti (eds.), Media Mutations. Glie ecosistemi narrativi nello scenario mediale contemporaneo. Spazi, modelli, usi, Mucchi Editore 2013 (book infos)