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Training and Research

Research specific competences

Bacterial metagenomics of marine environments

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Growth and population dynamics models

Introduction to computational biology

High-throughput sequencing: methods and data analysis

Environmental scanning and transmission electron microscopy

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Inter-annual and inter-decadal fluctuations of fish populations

Safety of fish and fisheries products, microbial food webs, and teleost microbiome

Diffusion of chemical contaminants in mediterranean sea and influence on fish food quality

Bioremediation and exploitation of marine bio- resources

Mediterranean algal mariculture potential under global climate change

Life history traits of mediterranean fish fauna as a useful tool for fisheries management

Human population dynamics in traditional fishing communities: a focus on genetics, nutrition and health

Blue growth and ecosystem services

Valorization of fish and mariculture waste materials

Principles of fisheries economics and politics

Recreative fisheries

Marine living resources – with special emphasis on the Adriatic Sea

Indicators for sustainable fisheries