"Law in Chinese" - Summer School

Law in Chinese (LAIC) è un'iniziativa, sotto la guida della Prof. Marina Timoteo, per promuovere capacità di ricerca, eventi e programmi estivi nei campi del diritto cinese contemporaneo, con particolare attenzione alle questioni legali del progetto Belt and Road. Unisciti alla nostra Summer School, un corso intensivo di 6 giorni di apprendimento, progettato per migliorare le capacità di comunicazione cinese dei partecipanti e per familiarizzare con la lingua e il sistema giuridico cinese.

Law in Chinese (LAIC) is an iniziative, under the guidance of Prof. Marina Timoteo, to foster research skills, events and summer programs in the fields of contemporary Chinese law, with a special focus on the legal issues of the Belt and Road project.

Join our Summer School an intensive 6 day learning course designed to enhance participant’s Chinese communication skills as well as familiarize with Chinese legal language and legal system.

Summer School

  • When: July 2-7, 2018
  • Where: University of Bologna - Room H, Auditorium Belmeloro, Via Andreatta 8, Bologna
  • Tuition fee: 350,00€
  • Enrollment: Registration will be open from June 1st to June 27 (the term is extended to June 29).
  • Participation requirements: for participation a basic knowledge of the Chinese language is required

Dépliant in attached on this page (download available)


In the last thirty years Chinese law moved from the periphery to the center of the world stage. A last step in this process is the new Belt and Road initiative, which envisages the development of new international economic and trade relations, connecting major Eurasian economies, and involves more abundant and concrete issues in the legal sphere. Today’s Chinese law cannot be understood and used as a work tool without a knowledge of the language in which this law is expressed. The study of this law from a linguistic perspective is a necessary step for those who have business, cultural, institutional encounters with China.

During the summer school participants will have the chance to expand their Chinese legal terminology and the knowledge of Chinese legal system.

This program is addressed to those that work or intend to work in an international context (i.e., international law firms, International organizations, ONG). In particular: graduates in law, political science and economics, graduates in Chinese language, practicing lawyers; trainee lawyers; academic lawyers with an interest in comparative law.

Subjects covered in the program

The Chinese legal system, Contemporary Chinese Law in the international context and the framework of the New Belt and Road Initiative, Legal Chinese and Business Chinese, Issues of legal translations to and from legal Chinese, Contracts and companies, property and intellectual property, disputes resolution.

Plan of Activities

The course will be divided into modules lasting 2/4 hours each. Every morning the class will begin with a refreshing session of Chinese grammar. For a total of 42 hours course. Teaching hours: 9,30 – 13; 14-17,30. The teaching languages of the summer school are English and Chinese. The summer school provides a cognitive training that leads to the learning of about 200 Chinese characters and the most common phraseology used for each topic covered by the classes. During the course the main translation problems that emerge with the technical terms of the Chinese legal language will be addressed.


  • Prof. Marina Timoteo, is full professor of Comparative Private Law, Asian Law, Law and Business in China at the University of Bologna.
  • Prof. Fei Anling, is full professor of Civil and Commercial Law, Director of the Juris Master on Roman Law at the China University of Political Science and Law (Beijing). She is arbitrator in the Beijing, Shenzhen and Wuhan Arbitration Commissions.
  • Prof. Li Xiaohui, is Associate Professor of Jurisprudence and Comparative Law in the College of Comparative Law, China University of Political Science and Law (Beijing).
  • Prof. Wu Qian, Assistant Professor of Chinese Language, Confucius Institute at the University of Bologna, Renmin University of China (Beijing).
  • Dr. Li Guangle, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Bologna, Department of Legal Studies.
  • Dr. Wang Yukai, PhD Candidate Joint International Doctoral Degree in Law, Sciences and Technology, Renmin University of China (Beijing), University of Bologna.

Social program

  •  Welcome aperitivo
  •  Chinese night: movie and dinner in Chinese style
  •  One day on Bologna hills: on Saturday the classes will be held in an outdoor location on the hills nearby Bologna.

Enrollment / Accreditation

Registration will be open from June 1st to June 27. In order to enroll, it will be necessary to submit registration form (which will be made available on the Confucius Institute’s website at the time of the opening of the enrollments) accompanied by the Curriculum Vitae of the candidates. On June 28 the interview / language test will take place at the Confucius Institute at the University of Bologna, for those that do not hold an HSK certificate. The payment of the participation fee will be required only after the June 28 test.

The LAIC summer school is accredited for the continuing education of lawyers by the Council of the Bar Association of Bologna (20 credits).

Entry requirements / Tuition fees

For participation a basic knowledge of the Chinese language is required. This is attested: by a HSK2 certificate, or alternatively by a preliminary colloquium which will be carried out at the Confucius Institute of the University of Bologna on a date to be defined. € 350 per person, including reading and working material and the social program activities.

To the participants at the summer school, a certificate of attendance will be delivered.

LAIC is organized in cooperation with Istituto Confucio dell’Università di Bologna School of Development, Innovation and Change Centro Interuniversitario di ricerca in diritto comparato

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